Emerging Trends in Kinetics and Thermodynamics

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Modelling of Desorption from Surface Effective Sites Formed on Nanosized Metal Clusters

MK Koleva and L Petrov


It is found out that there are physical effects, typical of nanosized metal clusters deposited on a non-adsorbing support, that cause a difference between the adsorption properties of sites at the metal cluster surface and those of sites at the boundary of metal-support. This difference gives rise to an extra band in the IR spectra of the adsorbate. The main feature this band is that its intensity changes with cluster size.

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Proteins are Not Recruited: A Plea for Better Diction

Elizabeth N Grotemeyer, Koan Briggs and Christopher J Fischer


Nearly all biological processes proceed or are controlled by protein-protein or protein-ligand binding reactions. Using anthropomorphic language to describe these interactions conveys an incorrect physical description of these processes while simultaneously minimizing the importance of the thermodynamics underpinning the associated interactions.

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Role of Chemical Steps in the Electrochemical Reduction of Metal Complexes

Arvydas Survila


The role of chemical steps in electrochemical processes involving metal complexes is considered invoking the model of mass transport of chemically interacting particles. The quantitative description is based on the second Fick's law equations supplemented with the respective kinetic terms.

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