Table 2: Metacognitive components during the Choice Phase.

The Choice Phase Metacognitive Knowledge Metacognitive Experiences Metacognitive Skills

Personal traits:

• Oriented to the future

• Optimism & courage


• To bring joy, happiness & satisfaction to her life

• Working in her country

• Being with her parents

• Creating her own school

• Connecting with her friends


• In her capacity to survive in difficulty & challenging conditions

Conscious choice:

• Accepting novelty & challenges

• Rejecting security, safety and social order


• Feeling of uncertainty

• Feeling of worry

• Feeling of nervousness

• Feeling of unease

• Feeling of doubt'

• Feeling of ambivalence

• Feeling of confidence

• Feeling of optimism

Ability to effectively set goals for her self

Dialectical thinking

• Accepting the opposed beliefs