Table 2: Squash rescue medium consisting of salts, energy source, plant growth regulators and antimicrobial agents that was used in the current study to evaluate germination response of aged squash seeds.

Item Amounts in 1 L
E 20/21 major salts (10x) 50 ml
E 20/21 minor salts (100x) 10 ml
E 20/21 organics (100x) 5 ml
Iron-EDTA stock (100x) 10 ml
Sucrose 12 g
Indole-3-acetic acid 0.01 μg
Indole-3-butyric acid 0.01 μg
6-benzyladenine 0.01 μg
Plant Preservative Mixture 5 ml
Cefotaxime 300 mg
Ampicillin 50 mg
Gellan gum (as needed) 2 g