Table 1: Summary of mathematical models used in current study [17-19].

Sl. No. Simulation Parameters Short Descriptions
1 Model & Solver 3D Single precision, 1st order Implicit, Pressure based Unsteady
2 Boundary conditions Velocity inlet, Pressure outlet, Pressure Inlet, Wall
3 Energy and Viscosity Standard k-€, standard wall functions, Cµ-0.09,C1€-1.44,C2€-1.92,TKE Prandtl No-1, Heat Flux Outer Wall - 3800 Watt/m2, Heat Flux Inner Wall of Stopper Rod - 200 Watt/m2
4 Volume of Fluid Explicit, Courant No-0.25, Implicit body force
6 Time step size 0.05 sec per iteration
7 Control Solution Pressure velocity coupling-SIMPLE, Discretization (Pressure-PRESTO,Momentum-1st order upwind, Volume fraction- Geo-Reconstruct, Turbulent kinetic energy and dissipation - 1st order upwind scheme)
8 Mesh Size 0.01 meter or 10 mm
9 Material Used Air, water, kerosene oil, argon
10 Velocity 1 meter/sec