Table 5: Mean season-long, area- and yield-scaled nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions and total global warming potential (GWP) among tillage practice [i.e., conventional tillage (CT) and no-tillage (NT; n = 8)]-urea fertilizer type [i.e., N-(n-butyl) thiosphosphoric triamide (NBPT)-coated and non-coated urea (n = 8)] treatment combinations measured in 2017 at the Rice Research and Extension Center near Stuttgart, AR.

Treatment combination Area-scaled N2O emissions
(kg N2O-N ha-1 season-1)
Yield-scaled N2O emissions
[kg N2O-N (Mg grain)-1]
Total GWP
(kg CO2 equivalent ha-1 season-1)
NT/Non-coated urea 0.50 0.06 2204
NT/NBPT-coated urea 0.27 0.04 1972
CT/Non-coated urea 0.47 0.06 1612
CT/NBPT-coated urea 0.32 0.04 1324