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Research Article Volume 3 Issue 1

Lung Function In Children With Scoliosis and Enhanced Spirometry Sensitivity When Using Arm Span Index for Restriction Detection

Authors: Snezhina Lazova, Vasil Yablanski, Evgeni Vlaev, Stamatios Priftis, Emilia Naseva, Penka Perenovska and Guergana Petrova

Abstract: Scoliosis is the most common abnormality of the spine with direct effects on the thoracic cage, leading to potentially severe and irreversible changes in lung function. Scoliosis has generally been associated with the development of restrictive lung disease. Due to the lateral curvature of the spine in children with scoliosis, the measured height does not correspond to the actual one and could not be used as the authoritative index for the calculation of the predicted values for both static and dynamic lung volumes. The indicator arm span (distance between the middle fingers on the outstretched arms horizontally) is a standardized method for calculation of a predictive height in cases where it is impossible to measure the actual one.

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Review Article Volume 2 Issue 1

Atelectasis with Torpid Evolution in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

Authors: Prados-Sanchez C, Martinez-Redondo M, Maiz-Carro L, Giron-Moreno RM, Quintana-Gallego E, Martinez-Martinez MT, Blanco-Aparicio M, Garcia-Clemente MM, Iturbe-Fernandez D, Garcia-Rio F, Carpio-Segura CJ, Salcedo-Posadas A, Martin de Vicente C, Costa-Colomer J and Maintz Jochen G

Abstract: Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a chronic and progressive disease. Respiratory complications, usually, afect the quality of life, morbidity and prognosis of the disease. Within respiratory complications, atelectasis is which the least medical literature has generated, without consensus on its etiology, prognosis and treatment. In a previous study of our group, the incidence was 2.66%, 2.33% were lobar and 1.33% segmental. Among the causes would be the existence of mucus plugs or alterations of the pulmonary architecture in which, the progressive and irreversible damage of the airway could cause distortion, obstruction and bronchial dilatation.

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Case Report Volume 2 Issue 1

Amyloidosis Diagnosed by Endobronchial Ultrasound Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA)

Authors: Mohammed Choudhry, Mohtady Nabateh, Jessica Wang, Adair Seager and Christopher Woods

Abstract: We present a patient with Amyloidosis diagnosed by EBUS-TBNA. A 55-year-old African American man with past medical history of hypertension; was referred for mediastinal lymphadenopathy (Figure 1 and Figure 2) in 2017. The CT chest was performed to evaluate postoperative shortness of breath during recent hospitalization for acute appendicitis.

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Research Article Volume 1 Issue 1

Quality of Life and Psychological Disorders of Patients with Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease (COPD) Admitted for Exacerbation

Authors: Concepcion Prados, Ana Gonzalez, Sandra Rojas, Laura Castano, Macarena Lerin and Team of Pneumology Hospitalization

Abstract: We aimed to verify how many patients with COPD admitted due to exacerbation had psychological disorders such as anxiety-depression and had their quality of life affected according to specific questionnaires; as well as to know the relation of these parameters with the degree of dyspnea and affectation of their COPD descriptive study of patients admitted for COPD at a pulmonology service between January and June of 2014 was carried out.

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Research Article Volume 1 Issue 1

Method for the Culture of Mouse Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells

Authors: Anita Kovacs-Kasa, Matthew N Varn, Alexander D Verin and Joyce N Gonzales

Abstract: Pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells (ECs) are integral to the alveoli-capillary barrier of the lung. The EC barrier integrity is known to be disrupted in severe lung diseases such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), pneumonia and pulmonary edema.

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Research Article Volume 1 Issue 1

Asthma, Air Pollution and Environmental Exposure

Authors: Marianne Frieri, Hyfaa Mashaal, Krishan Kumar and Anthony Boutin

Abstract: A large number of asthmatic patients, particularly females, present inadequate disease control. Depressive symptoms are reportedly common in asthma and have been related to poor disease control, but the mechanism of this association is still unclear. Poor quality sleep, frequently observed in asthmatics, is also a manifestation of depression and has been related to uncontrolled asthma.

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