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Research Article Pages 43-48

In vitro Technical Aspects of Anti-Gene IGF-I Vaccines against Glioma

Authors: Jerzy Trojan, Tatiana Castillo, Gabriela Quintero, Adama Ly, Pedro Penagos, Alexander Shevelev, You-Chun Lone, Edwin Paez, Oscar Gutierrez, Ignacio Briceno, Maciej Bierwagen, Carlos Rojas, Jaime Arias, Heliodor Kasprzak, Adis Ayala, Yuexin X Pan and Annabelle Trojan

Abstract: Research on glioblastoma has demonstrated a significant increase in IGF-I gene expression in this brain tumor. After suppression of IGF-I expression using anti-gene IGF-I technologies, glioma cells become immunogenic, expressing MHC-I. While injected in vivo, they induce an immune response mediated by T-CD8 lymphocytes. These cells, applied as autologous anti-cancer vaccines have increased the median survival of glioblastoma patients up to 18 months, but often up to two-three years.

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