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Case Report Pages 21-27

Description of a Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesion Studied with Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques: A Clinical Report and Review of Literature

Authors: Marta De Simone, Barbara Brogna, Daniele Litterio Spitaleri, Giulio Cicarelli, Roberta Fantozzi and Bruno Guida

Abstract: Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesions (TDL) is atypical presentation of various demyelinating diseases like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They can mimic brain tumors in their clinical and radiological features and usually respond favorably to corticosteroid therapy.

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How the Psychological Benefits Associated with Exposure to Nature Can Affect Pro-Environmental Behavior

Authors: Rita Berto and Giuseppe Barbiero

Abstract: Literature is not clear about how people become aware of the benefits associated with exposure to Naturea in aiding restoration from mental fatigue, and whether the restoration process can affect pro-environmental behaviour.

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Clinical Decision Support Systems for Child Neuropsychiatric Disorders: The Time has Come?

Authors: Roman Koposov, Thomas Frodl, Oystein Nytro, Bennett Leventhal, Andre Sourander, Silvana Quaglini, Massimo Molteni, María de la Iglesia Vayá, Hans Ulrich Prokosch, Nicola Barbarini, Michael Peter Milham, Francisco Xavier Castellanos and Norbert Skokauskas

Abstract: We currently have the capacity to develop innovative, effective and efficient clinical decision support models, while also creating the opportunities for rapidly incorporating multi-scale, multi-level data as they become available in the very near future.

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Review Article Pages 7-11

Tinnitus as a Fragment of Consciousness

Authors: Edward J Tehovnik

Abstract: Subjective, chronic tinnitus that is tonal is a human condition that results in the perception of a continuous sound of a particular frequency, in the absence of that sound, by activation of deafferented portions of the auditory cortex. During ongoing behavior, the brain assumes various states as exemplified by the neural activity at the level of the neocortex and hippocampal formation.

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Review Article Pages 1-6

Mindfulness and Taijiquan

Authors: Marcus A Henning, Christian U Krageloh and Craig Webster

Abstract: The practice of mindfulness as a meditation process has become highly topical with numerous reported links to benefits for physical and psychological wellbeing. In this commentary paper, we begin by defining the term mindfulness. Second, we provide an overview of how the practice of mindfulness has been used in the therapeutic sense.

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