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Table of Content: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Research Article Pages 100-117

"Mind Reading": How and for what?

Authors: Cristiano Castelfranchi

Abstract: This paper tries to explain: How we tend to automatically ascribe mental representations to social actors on the basis of scripts, roles, categories and prejudices, norms, and several heuristics; or by default; how scripts and roles should be filled in with the actors' mental attitudes; how social interaction systematically requires assumptions about the other's mind; how those mental attitudes can be the non-intended or non-understood function of our behavior/role.

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Review Article Pages 86-99

Decision-Making as a Self-Organizing Process

Authors: Krystyna C Laycraft

Abstract: We present the analysis of the process of decision-making by applying the main concepts of complexity science linked with the theories of emotions. Decision-making in our personal or immediate social life concerns our future and involves surprises, uncertainty, and complexity. This is why complexity science, and especially the idea of self-organization is the most suitable for studying this unpredictable and surprising phenomenon.

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Research Article Pages 78-85

Postural Stability and Academic Achievements among Fifth Graders: An Experimental Field Study

Authors: Miri Shachaf, Roni Laslo-Roth and Eyal Rosenstreich

Abstract: Postural stability was previously associated with academic achievements among primary school children, but only little is known on how cognitive-motor processes underlie academic achievements. This research was primarily aimed at investigating cognitive-motor performance (e.g., single vs. dual-task gait) and it correlates with achievements in math and language-arts. Fifth-graders (N = 86) performed several motor tasks while their mediolateral trunk sway was assessed using a Kinect 3D sensor.

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