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Non-Adherence to Treatment: Different Rules for Different Patients

Authors: Sergio V Delgado

Abstract: Although adherence to healthy lifestyle behaviors and treatment recommendations is complex and multidimensional, a common frustration expressed by physicians is the ability to provide optimal care when their patients are non-adherent with the treatment recommendations. Non-adherence is a common problem among patients, with some estimates suggesting that as many as 50% of patients are non-adherent to treatment.

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Implications of Incidence Rates of Diseases at Local Level in Family Medicine

Authors: Jose Luis Turabian, Brenda Báez-Montiel and Elizabeth Gutiérrez-Islas

Abstract: We collected data for one year, in a family medicine office that has a list of 1,800 people over 14 years of age and who were treated continuously during the year for; new cases of five diseases whose etiology is understood sufficiently for prevention (coronary heart disease, adverse drug reactions, pulmonary tuberculosis, stroke, traffic accidents), five diseases whose etiology is only partially known but for which there is proposed screening or prevention (breast cancer, bladder cancer, prostatic hypertrophy, hypertension and genetic diseases) and five diseases whose etiology is not well known and where it is not possible to implement prevention or screening (senile dementia, hyperparathyroidism, ovarian cancer, Paget's disease and lymphoma).

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The Patient Companion in the Consultation of Family Medical Practice is an Indicator of Hidden Family Problems

Authors: Jose Luis Turabian, Luis Enoc Minier-Rodriguez, Raul Cucho-Jove, Francis Eliant Rodriguez-Almonte and Alejandro Villarin-Castro

Abstract: This is a retrospective study of cases and controls. 'Case' was defined as a patient with a companion, and 'control' as a patient without an accompanying adult. Problems in the family context (based on the genogram) were considered the previous exposure factor. For each case, the patient with the next appointment in the practice who did not come with a companion was chosen as a control. For each patient, the following variables among others were collected: age, sex, chronic diseases, medications, and social class. The bivariate comparisons were performed using the Chi square test, the Student t test, and the Mann-Whitney test. Finally, an analysis using logistical regression was performed.

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