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Review Article Pages 18-24

Improving Tissue Integrity in Intensive Care Unit Patients

Authors: Stacie Hearell and Jessica Naber

Abstract: Throughout clinical experiences in western Kentucky intensive care units, it has been observed that critically ill patients are not receiving fully implemented skin care practice according to hospital and company policy.

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Research Article Pages 10-17

Woman's Experience of Childbirth: Qualitative Analysis from Data Derived from the 30-Item-Birth-Satisfaction-Scale

Authors: Susan Procter, Caroline J Hollins Martin, Derek Larkin and Colin R Martin

Abstract: Birth satisfaction encompasses a woman's evaluation of her birth experience and includes factors such as her appraisal of the quality of care she received, a personal assessment of how she coped, and her reconstructions of what happened on that particular day. Her accounts may be accurate or skewed, yet correspond with her perceived reality of how events unfolded.

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Cognitive Age and Usability of Health Website among Older Adults

Authors: Meriam Caboral-Stevens

Abstract: Chronological age is widely used in the literature as an objective measure. Age is more than a physical state; it is also a state of mind. Cognitive age refers to how a person perceives their age to be. Evidence has shown that attitudes and behaviors to the use of technology are critically linked with the user's age. Older adults are the fastest growing internet users.

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Managing Oral Health: Knowledge and Perceptions of California Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Authors: Eileen K Fry-Bowers and Paul Gavaza

Abstract: In 2000, the United States (U.S.) Surgeon General's Report identified dental disease as a silent epidemic and linked an individual's oral health to their overall health and well-being. Shortly there after, a public-private partnership, A National Call to Action to Promote Oral Health, was developed for the purpose of integrating efforts to facilitate improvement of the nation's health through oral health activities. Subsequent reports, as well as the inclusion of oral health as one of the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators continue to affirm the significance of oral health as an important population health matter.

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