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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Original Article Pages 21-22

Under Pressure: Optimizing Intralesional Keloid Injections

Authors: Mallory K Smith, MD, David M Oberlin, MD and David M Ozog, MD

Abstract: Keloids are benign fibroblastic tumors of the skin, due to aberrant tissue remodeling in predisposed individuals. Although the pathogenesis is unknown, keloids are a common concern in dermatology. While numerous treatment options exist, the use of intralesional corticosteroids has endured the test of time as an effective and safe modality for management.

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Case Report Pages 18-20

Remission of In-Transit Melanoma following Combination BRAF and MEK Inhibition Therapy: A Case Report

Authors: S Caleb Freeman, Edibaldo Silva and Christopher Huerter

Abstract: Satellite and in-transit melanoma represent the metastasis of cutaneous melanoma along lymphatics between the primary lesion and the regional lymph nodes. In-transit melanoma often presents as a reoccurrence of previously resected melanoma, and as such is associated with a poorer prognosis than primary melanoma.

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