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Editorial board member | Dr. Barbara G Melamed

Dr. Barbara G Melamed

Clinical Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Hawaii
United States of America
Tel: (914)-393-6132

Dr. Barbara G Melamed is Clinical Affiliate Professor of the Department of Psychology at University of Hawaii, USA. She completed her Ph.D. in Major clinical psychology; social and personality development; psychophysiology from University of Wisconsin. She Served on the Research & Grants committees at University of Florida and Case Western Reserve University. She is the editorial member of many international journals. Her awards include: American Psychological Association Distinguished Research Award in Pediatric Psychology; Fellow Status in American Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research; American Psychological Association President, Division of Health Psychology; Master Lecturer: Health Intervention: Science and Health Collaborations. Phi Beta Kappa, J. Angell Award. National Council of Christians and Jews Brotherhood Award; Research Funding (approx. 5 million dollars in direct costs, not including over $20 million raised in conjunction with my Board of Governor's at AECOM); Continuous from NIH, NIMH, NIDR: and private foundations including the Cleveland Foundation, University of Florida, Gatorade, Small grants, NIMH and Mercy College for Development in Posttraumatic Stress Disorders post 9/11, Preparation of Children and Families for Medical Procedures, Chronic Illness-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Arthritis. She is a Research Advisor on University of Florida: Grants Management Office. Dr. Barbara G Melamed research interest includes Wide range of clinical and behavioral skills, particularly in surgery preparation, pain disorders, immune disorders. Expertise in delivery of cognitive behavioral, psychophysiological, biofeedback and rehabilitation of patients with pain due to back injuries, illness-related pain.