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Editorial board member | Dr. Syed A A Rizvi

Dr. Syed A A Rizvi

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nova Southeastern University
United States of America
Tel: 954-262-1542

Dr. Syed A A Rizvi is an Associate Professor in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), USA. Dr. Rizvi pursued an M.S and Ph.D combined degree program at the Center for Biotechnology and Drug Design, Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University (GSU), Atlanta, GA in the year 2005 and 2006. Dr. Rizvi has published many peer-reviewed articles in top ranking journals. Dr. Syed A A Rizvi's research interest includes Micro and Nano-Technology for Drug Delivery, Controlled Release Formulations, Solid State Chemistry of the Drugs, Surface Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Soft Material Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Vaccinology and Immunology.