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Editorial board member | Dr. Shambhu Roy

Dr. Shambhu Roy

Principal Scientist
United States of America

Dr. Shambhu Roy is currently Principal Scientist at BioReliance,Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Roy has held various scientific and supervisory positions in contract research organizations. He has conducted thousands of assays in multiple in vivo and in-vitro test systems, has participated in developing and validating new assay system to meet the emerging challenges in genetic toxicology. Dr. Roy has published and presented his research works in multiple peer-reviewed publications and meetings. Dr. Roy's current focus is on the development and validation of 3D skin model based micronucleus assay for the safety assessment of dermatological product, particularly for cosmetic industries. The 3D skin model resembles the human skin structurally and functionally and being viewed as a promising tool for the safety assessment to replace the animal testing (3Rs principle).