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Editorial board member | Prof. Eloisa Gitto

Prof. Eloisa Gitto

Department of Pediatrics
University of Messina
Tel: +39-090-712353

Dr. Eloisa Gitto is Professor of Pediatrics at University of Messina, Italy. She is the Director of the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital of Messina, Italy. She received her medical degree at University of Messina, Italy and her research trainings at the UT Health Science Center of San Antonio, Texas, and at the University of Chicago, USA. In addition to research, Dr. Gitto teaches Pediatrics and Intensive Care Medicine to medical students and postgraduate pediatric fellows. Dr. Gitto's professional interests are in the area of oxidative stress, mainly in studying the effects of antioxidant melatonin in many neonatal diseases, in the area of neonatal and pediatric intensive care, with particular interest to ventilation strategies.