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Prof. Giovanni Borasi

Department of Medical Physics Specialist
University of Milano Bicocca
Tel: +39-333-684-9526

Prof.Giovanni Borasi is a Professor in the Department of Medical Physics Specialist at University of Milano Bicocca, Italy. Prof. Giovanni Borasi received his degree in theoretical physics in 1967 at Pavia University. Prof.Giovanni Borasi specialized in Medical Physics in 1998. Prof. Giovanni Borasi research interest includes Radiotherapy (one of the first Italian computer programs for treatment planning), Personal Dosimetry (the development of a new dosimeter and associated software still in use!) Non-linear Selenium-based imaging (physical characterization of Xeroradiography), Computerized Tomography (comparative evaluation of the systems), Magnetic Resonance (spectra modification applied to cancer on ex-vivo breast samples), Quality evaluation of film-screen systems (invention of CCD-camera based device: the method was adopted by several Italian hospitals, giving to Medical Physicists the possibility to control the quality of the Radiographic material), Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (Reggio Emilia Hospital was the first Italian hospital to adopt this technique in 2001), Digital Imaging (application of basic detection theory to digital systems).