Peer Review

Reviews and the reviewers play a key role in scholarly publishing. Peer review helps to evaluate the quality, establish a methodology where the organization is easily carried out, to ensure the stringency of the peer review system. Scholarly Pages organizes peer review processing under the Editor Guidance and couple of independent review experts. Scholarly Pages ensures the validity and quality of the incoming articles.

The Peer Review System

The selection criteria may majorly include these clauses

  1. Has the scientific content/research published elsewhere and all the content provided is original
  2. Research report provided contains no technical or scientific flaws
  3. Ensures that results presented have been interpreted correctly considering all the necessary considerations
  4. Check upon the unnecessary information written. Relevance information provided is important to be presented in scientific paper rather than excess of unnecessary content that may confuse the readers
  5. Quick check on the understandability of readers
  6. Checks upon the malfeasance upon clinical and scientific community
  7. Enhance the quality and scientific originality of the raw manuscripts

The main function or sole objective of the peer review system is to ensure the quality and scientific validity of the manuscripts submitted and allow the readers access fine research updates.