Annals of Lung Cancer

ISSN: 2643-5713

About Journal

Annals of Lung Cancer is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal focusing to publish various types, stages, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and survival rate, treatment and management of Lung Cancers. This journal brings novel insights concerning all the clinical, experimental, translational and basic science of malignancies of the lung and chest region. All the published content in the journal are freely accessible without any restriction under Creative Commons Attribution License.

The journal invites various article formats such as original, reviews, cases, clinical images, communications and other short article types providing in depth information related but not limited to prevention, epidemiology and etiopathology, basic biology, cytopathology, clinical assessment, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, possible treatment modalities, possible biomarkers for early detection, other treatment modalities and survivals of lung cancer.

The journal publishes only selective articles after thorough peer review processing of the manuscripts by international research experts.

Editorial Board

Dr. Paul H Hartel

Medical Director
Telepathology and Clinical Laboratory Medicine
Grafton City Hospital
United States of America

Dr. Oscar Juan Vidal

Medical Oncology Department
Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vicente Martir.
Valencia, Spain
Tel: +34-961265877

Dr. Gaetano Bertino

Internal Medicine and Surgery
University of Catania
Tel: +390953781573

Dr. Xuexia Wang

Associate Professor
Division of Biostatistics
University of North Texas
United States of America
Tel: 215-776-9458

Dr. Vianey Rodriguez

Associate Professor
Tissue and Cell Biology Department
Medical School of UNAM
United States of America
Tel: 52-55-56-23-21-83

Dr. Young Ho Seo

Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy
Keimyung University
South Korea
Tel: 053-580-6639

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General Terms

The general terms of the journal includes usage and accessibility to any of the downloaded or available content is free to use. Authors retain copyright, thus any content extracted and used from the journal will require the proper citation.

Copyrights and Permitted Usage

Authors who are publishing us will hold the copyrights of the published paper. Thus we recommend to use only with proper citations when used. This ensures that the content utilized will be solely for advancement of science and not for commercial usage.

Confidentiality and Pre publication Ethics

The Publisher will not support the publication if the authors do not follow publication ethics such as, authorship, plagiarism, duplicate content, image integrity, consents, improper revision, competing financial interests, other competing interests, improper disclosures, breaking confidentiality and pre-publication publicity.

Terms of Open Access

The published work in scholarly pages follows open access mode of publication. We encourage use and reuse of the published content when properly cited.

Bioethics and Biosecurity

The editors handling the manuscripts may even take decisions based upon any issues that may raise concerns with reference to bioethics and biosecurity. Any Opinions/Perspective Articles that are opposing or bringing up any issue against animals, any public ethics or any security concerned aspects, the editor may bring to the publisher notice and we may help arrange a network to provide individual feedbacks before the publication. For such instances, the manuscript may be kept on hold until final review decisions.

Modifications of the Content

The publisher holds the right to change any content of the website, terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will be intimated upon the site and for the ones who may miss to access the journals, will be notified provided you been an author, editor, reviewer or a reader. The publisher will make the website available for 24 hours and 7 days a week active, but if any technical failures occur, the service inconvenience to be regretted and the readers must believe that the team is looking at it with utmost priority. The publisher also holds the right to modify at any point of time.

Peer Review Policy

The publisher follow single blinded peer review process for all the received manuscripts. The Editorials and Letters are not considered for peer review processing since it mostly discuss either upon the advancements or any opportunities to the readers in the field.

Anonymity: Since the publisher follow single blinded peer review process, the reviewer/editor details are not provided to the author to avoid any future conflicts.

Criteria for Publications

  1. The manuscript should conform the ethical standards of scientific Publishing.
  2. Technical papers should be able to bring insights about the scientific advance.
  3. The manuscripts must hold originality and novelity.
  4. The study must be utmost important to the community.
  5. Must ideally provide significant outcomes to the researchers of the related disciplines.
  6. Should provide strong evidence for the results discussed and concluded.

The Peer Review Process

All the submissions submitted will be initially checked by the editorial staff and then they may resend if any content is missing. Once the manuscript contains all the necessary list mentioned in the body of the manuscript, it will be sent for peer review.

Initially the editorial board member handles the manuscript and may assign or the editorial staff may assign the reviewers for the received manuscript. Based upon the review comments from the group of reviewers, editor decides one among the four (Accept, Reject, Accept with minor revision or Accept with major revision) recommendations.

Reviewers also recommend similar suggestions regarding the acceptability of the manuscript, but the reviewers must understand the final decision stay along with the editors.

If the manuscript receives contrast reviews, then automatically that manuscript undergoes, another round of peer review and the majority of the recommendations may be considered.

Authors are welcomed to suggest reviewers while submission. Authors can write the reviewer details in the cover letter while submitting the manuscript.

The publisher considers each review critically, the manuscript may be kept on hold or rejected if the author fails to reproduce the justification to the review comments.

Peer review system is considered to check and bring out the best of the research conducted. Thus any reviews if the editorial office/editors feel is not doing justice, the publisher may reconsider another round of review. We believe in bringing up the standards and any negligence in peer review system is strictly prohibited.

Post Publication Process

The galley proof will be sent to corresponding author of paper, so we request to check the proof before final publication process. Please contact the editorial office for any corrections in published paper.

Content Availability

The published articles are permanently archived and made available online. Any problem in accessing the archive of journal, please contact the editorial office and editorial staff will immediately fix it at the earliest possible.