Open Access

Open Access distributions are openly accessible online to anybody with a web association. Unlimited use, circulation and propagation in any medium are allowed. It has increased enormous access to scientific literature and avail research within minutes of publication of the work. Open Access remains for unlimited access and unhindered reuse.

Most publishers possess the rights to the articles in their scientific magazines/subscriptions. Any individual who needs to peruse the articles must pay to get to them. Any individual who needs to utilize the articles in any capacity must get authorization from the publisher, author and is regularly required to pay an extra charge as a fee for subscription. Thus the introduction of open access mode have eased the authors choice of priority in surfing literature and work excessively using various applications advancing themselves to the research updated in the field. Readers are permitted to use the content published in open access, provided it is properly cited.

Scholarly Pages apply Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) that permits the use and reuse of the content limitlessly when cited the reference. This permit was produced to encourage the free access and provide unlimited access without any authorization or charges for usage.

Benefits of Open Access Publishing

  1. Free Access and unrestricted access online
  2. Authors retain article Copyrights
  3. The Published content are peer reviewed to ensure quality and scientific validity
  4. High readership and visibility
  5. Rapid Publication and access to published content within minutes of Publication
  6. No space constrains
  7. All published contents are permanently archived to view whenever needed
  8. It sets standards for scientific publishing and compliance with open access mandates
  9. The bibliography of the scientists increase and the readers cite when used and reused
  10. Provides improved education and continuous knowledge enhancement
  11. Builds scientific Networking